Symptom or the Cure?

Last night, for the first time, I opened WordPress, entered the password and username provided by Ms. Jen and clicked “Write a New Post.” Then, just a few words into my first sentence, every thought that I had regarding procrastination and this predicament we currently find ourselves in disappeared. Unable to face the empty text editor box, I quickly closed the window as if someone had walked in on me looking at porn, picked up my computer and dragged it to my bedroom. I watched a movie (Waitress, fyi) instead.

This morning, I’m at work with a whole stack of things to do and a deadline of one tiny little hour. I have a headache and there’s a loud boisterous meeting going on next to my office. The text editor that once looked at me with judgment now feels comforting. Like a therapist awaiting my complaints, or an industrial-sized bottle of Advil.

My point?

  • When trying to write a post for the sake of writing a post: impossible!
  • Writing a post when there are so many things looming over my head: surprisingly easy!

Now all we have to do is somehow manage to make sure all of our avenues of avoidance are also creative outlets. It doesn’t sound too difficult, but at the same time, I think there are a few birthday messages I have to send on Facebook.



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