Procrastinating Creative Pooballs, Unite!

Hi. It’s a miracle you are reading this. Or maybe it isn’t. See, my friend Erin and I were sitting downtown, eating lunch (a cheese plate and tomato basil tart and three bean soup if you care about details like that) and lamenting our own demented procrastinatory creative nature, which is keeping us from being The Next Big Thing, or at least from even finishing a)our websites, b)our portfolios, c)our novel, d)our dishes, and we thought to ourselves, we bet this is bigger than the two of us. We bet the world is teeming with frustrated procrastinating, filthy-sink perpetuating creatives who need a support group. So here we are. TheReluctantCreative. It’s us, it might be you, it could be your neighbor or that weird guy you always see at Coffeehouse Northwest picking at the bricks and talking to himself.

How does this work? Beats us! We haven’t thought past the “start a blog for people like us” part. See that’s part of the reluctant creative’s MO–get super excited about a great project, work on it for 10 seconds/minutes/hours/days, then dump it like a hot rock for the next best thing, like checking our Facebook friends requests or making a ham sandwich (me, not Erin, she doesn’t eat ham!).

We’re thinking that if we start a dialogue of sorts between frustrated procrastinatory creatives like ourselves, we can motivate each other with encouragement, collaboration, constructive criticism, threats both veiled and overt, and shame.

We hope you join us. Tell us your story, send us some work, offer up your opinions, write a sentence or two confessing what a procrastinating piece of creative pooball on the shoe of mankind you are. It’s therapeutic. We feel better already. You will too. What if this helped us all actually finish our big Creative Dream, or get started, or just get off for a minute?




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