I ♥ Squirrel

One thing that always pisses me off, as someone who never gets anything done, are people who get things done. Even more so, people who get things that aren’t very good done, and then are praised for their prolific nature.

You see it all over the place: awful drawing, awful design, awful writing, awful coding, awful food,* all with a beginning, middle and end.

From individuals with incredibly misplaced self-confidence peddling their wares on the internet, to large companies where you wonder just how many people put their input into a final product that is hardly worth existing.

Today I came upon the redesign (or re-imagining, perhaps) of the I ♥ NY logo and started on a trek across the internet trying to figure out answers to questions like:

Did it REALLY cost $17 million for just the logo? (Yet to find an answer.)
Did New York State really need Saatchi & Saatchi to launch this campaign? (Probably not? Maybe?)
What is their yearly budget? (Cannot find the answer.)
What was Travel Oregon’s budget? ($23 million over 2 3 years, including Wieden + Kennedy’s award winning 365 website.)

And then the final question:

Who the hell am I?


There’s a point when the, “I could have done that!” argument is just as lame and misguided as the the, “My kid could have done that!” argument. Well, no, I couldn’t have. Unless New York State was looking for a semi-witty ex-pat with half a portfolio and a thankless job at a non-profit to launch themselves into the league of their most famous city, an agency like Saatchix2 was an incredibly logical choice.

But things like the I ♥ Squirrel+Butterfly logo do tend to stare back at you saying, “What are you doing with your life? You have ideas! You could work there!” And your pathetic reply is just, “No, I can’t. Professional agencies prefer when work gets finished.” (Wanh, wanh.)

When we birthed this blog over a *less than adequate mini-pizza masquerading as tart that was the product of someone else’s dream, Jen suggested we could use SHAME as a mechanism to get people (including ourselves) off of their asses. We are completely willing to publicly shame anyone who is willing to join us in this endeavor of ass-lifting, but we will need your name, so leave a comment. (Your astrological sign may also be useful.)

And now, I will start. Let this serve as my own bit of shame:

You can’t see it, but the butterfly is staring right through you.


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3 Responses to “I ♥ Squirrel”

  1. TourPro Says:

    Budget info inside:

    Economic Development, Department of (PDF, 767KB)

  2. Another reason I Love New York….the Logos! — Adirondack Base Camp Says:

    […] I ♥ Squirrel […]

  3. gina Says:

    I’m a leo

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