Your mom is serious.

I am having a serious moment.

Jen, how’s your novel coming?

Seriously, is this blog even helping at all????? Well, I guess if Brian is getting to express himself to the world through iPhone Photography, it must be.

Ok. Phew. So, I saw a therapist for the first time in over 3 years a couple weeks ago. He asked me to think about the answer to the “miracle question.” Basically, if all your problems miraculously disappeared, how would you go about living your life?

Like Jen and her 1000 words a day (I at least read HER posts), what would I do if I wasn’t writing this blog?

Well, I have a bunch of things I would like to do. Make a book, finish my portfolio, open a store. But I don’t think Mr. Therapist wants to hear about that. Well, maybe he does, he seems nice enough, and he’s getting paid for chrissakes, but I think he’s more curious as to how I’m going to go about doing that. And that’s where I’m still stumped. As much as I can say I’m trying, I’ve got little to show for it. Anyone who knows me already has an arsenal of things to give me a hard time about.

How’s your website coming?

How come you don’t answer my e-mails?

Have you gotten your driver’s license yet, you 27 year old freak?

Usually my answer is somewhere between, “Well, I started…” and, “Eff off.” It’s quite shameful really.

I’m often inspired by those who set a goal to create one thing every day, but that’s just not for me and not just because of my inability to put an end to anything I start. It’s mostly that, but I also don’t want to finish things for the sake of finishing them. And let’s be honest, if I started one thing a day, I’d have a lot more unfinished work. Thus, here’s my goal for this blog. Instead of doing one thing a day, I will finish one thing per post. I can’t post here until what I’m working on is finished. If I do, all of the imaginary people reading this will be able to add to their imaginary arsenal. Public shame in action.

Hopefully I will post something before the end of the year.

-This Gal

PS. Did you hear that we totally gay-married James Franco immediately following the Milk premiere? We didn’t know that it was going to be legal in all of America AND the world, or even that we were all actually gay men (including James), but it somehow happened anyway, and the next day, the protests worked and Shimon Peres and Mahmoud Abbas got gay-married too and Bush and Ahmadinejad were both totally cured by the Care Bear Stare. See? Rainbows really are magic. The only person in the whole world that was sad was Sam Adams because we beat him to it.



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4 Responses to “Serious.”

  1. Aris Says:

    It’s helping. I love a lot of the links you’ve got going already (esp the s4g shoutout). That NYC logo is shocking. Driving is for people who like anger. You don’t answer emails because of the overwhelming sense of delicate responsibility to the recipient it brings, if your anything like me on that front.

    Keep it up. And give us some more damn iphone photos.

    Maybe re-make this as a tumblr is you really want to get in people’s faces. Or do a tumblr for just media… Then you’d be cooking with two blogs.

  2. Dan Blaker Says:

    I’ve asked the “miracle question” of many friends when they complain about how miserable they are in their current job etc. My own answer to the question is similar to yours: I’ve got a ton of things I’d do, I just don’t know which to do first.

    There was a resonant post on O’Reilly digitalmedia a couple days back. “The golden gates to creativity are open. But to gaze beyond them is all the more terrifying for that openness.”

    This is why, despite being totally inspired by a great little book, The War of Art, I still haven’t finished that half-recorded album of songs or started my usability blog…

  3. Tavie Says:

    I read it. I like it. Write more stuff.

    (Too much pressure? you don’t HAVe to.)

  4. Christian Says:

    Hi Erin. I hope knowing your blog is being read by some doofus who lives halfway ‘cross the world makes you feel special.
    If not, just feel special ’cause you are.

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